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Rating: 4 stars Buy Links: Amazon | iBooks | Amazon UK Length: Novel [br] James Motel and Levi Kadish get off on the wrong foot the moment they meet. James is chatting on the phone with a friend when he enters Levi’s bakery and says some rude things about their small town. James and his brothers have […]

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Review: The Alpha’s Warlock

The Alpha's Warlock (Mismatched Mates #1)

The Alpha’s Warlock by Eliot Greyson

From Goodreads blurb:

Cursed, mated, and in for the fight of their lives…

Warlock Nate Hawthorne just wants a cup of coffee. Is that too much to ask? Apparently. Because instead of precious caffeine, all he gets is cursed by a pack of werewolves who want to use him for his magic. Now the only way to fix the damage is a mate bond to a grumpy and oh-so-sexy alpha in the rival pack, who happens to hate him. This is so not how he wanted to start his day.

Ian Armitage never intended to take Nate as his mate. The Hawthorne family can’t be trusted. Ian knows that better than anyone. The fact that he’s lusted after the way-too-gorgeous man for years? Totally irrelevant. Ian’s just doing what is necessary to protect his pack. This whole mating arrangement has nothing to do with love and never will. That’s his story and he’s sticking to it.

Nate and Ian will have to work together if they have any hope of staving off the pack’s enemies and averting disaster. That’s assuming they can stop arguing (and keep their hands off each other) long enough to save the day…

The Alpha’s Warlock is an explicit M/M paranormal romance featuring a snarky warlock, a brooding alpha werewolf, knotting, enchanted socks (long story), and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Is this fanfic? Quite possibly, as I discovered this might have originated from wattpad.

This has a lot of Teen Wolf Sterek vibes and quite frankly I have missed it as had drifted away from this fandom purely because I couldn’t keep up with the amount of work being created.

I loved this

This filled my banter-enemies-frenemies-lovers quota up.

Although I love TW/Sterek fics I normally try and stay away from shifter and alpha and (most especially magical bonding fics) published novels, but I didn’t seem to care here. Probably because Nate wasn’t a simpering mess because of the situation he found himself in and completely satisfied my need for a stubborn ass character who was both strong and independent despite his boo boo’s. And it was a forced bond/mating between two people who at face value didn’t actually like each other). And then there was Ian – just as strong and stubborn – but not completely prepared for the whirlwind of Nate hitting him.

One of my faves.

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Danger Zone – Elite 1 & 2, Brooke Blaine & Ella Frank Review

Danger Zone (The Elite, #1)

I’m just going to keep this short:
This is basically Top Gun’s enemies to Frenemies Maverick and Iceman. Seriously, I’m not going to say no to a 1986 Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer ripping each others clothes off, am I?

No Merchandising. Editorial Use Only. No Book Cover Usage.Mandatory Credit: Photo by Paramount/Kobal/REX/Shutterstock (5886113be)Rick Rossovich, Val Kilmer, Tom CruiseTop Gun - 1986Director: Tony ScottParamountUSAScene StillTop Gun

I loved Solo’s banter and antics and I warmed to Panther, but strip away this, you kind of have a PWP book. The story, itself, is more of a prolonged building of character. Bits of info/backstory are dropped, but not enough for me to feel invested. In fact, the only reason, I think I liked it as much as I did, was because of Solo’s attitude, banter, and the fact that he had a huge ego and – basically Maverick all over again. I was intrigued enough to continue with the 2nd book, especially, with how it ended.

Need for Speed (The Elite, #2)

Unfortunately, the 2nd outing for Solo and Panther, fell even flatter for me. Basically, because, by the 2nd book, there seemed to be less banter and hostility between the two MC’s. Yes, there’s still some rivalry, but there’s less tension and frenemy vibes, which is what drew me in in the first place.

It’s not bad but it just wasn’t for me. Maybe I need a niche that’s asking for too much. I need a little love, a little frenemy, a little bit more rivalry, a little more MAVERICK and ICEMAN, I guess. And more of a backstory. It seems we learnt more about each character through dialogue. I need some context. I need Solo and Panther actually looking at each other and seeing things. I really wanted to be able to see Solo freaking out instead of hearing about it – we know through some minor dialogue that what happened to him before, and what happened at the start of this book, was triggering, but we don’t see anything and having a heavy amount of dialogue and more skin on skin action, means we don’t really feel anything either in regards to this.


I’m still probably going to give the 3rd a try.

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